A Letter from the Founder

Hi there,

I’m Mateo, founder here at Flash.

I’m curious...have your kids experienced the Bible lately?

Not just reading to recite, or skimming through with glazed eyes. Have you watched them jump into the stories?

Have they wandered through the Garden of Eden and become immersed in the creation narrative? Have they sailed away with Noah aboard that massive 450 foot arc as the rains fall? Have they sat with Esther as she contemplates her purpose in her ancient Persian palace? Have they journeyed the long road home with the wayward son, only to be overwhelmed by hugs from a forgiving father?

I love these stories. I love this book.

And like you, I desperately want my kids to experience the Bible as an epic to be loved, and not like an essay to be tested on. It’s God’s word. It’s living and active. And I’m certain it’s sustained you in times when nothing else could. I want that for my kids, and yours too. I want our kids to feast on God’s word as if it were more satisfying than a traditional baguette fresh from the oven of a French bakery.

Unfortunately our kids are being tempted with empty promises from Netflix and Disney that have the nutritional value of cheap dollar store candy.

Well, what if there was an alternative?

You've seen how excited they get when you read to them at night. And you’ve heard their endless questions as they try to make sense of their place in this story God is writing. I have too. And that's why Flash exists. And It’s why I’m committed to helping you raise kids who love Jesus and know God’s word.  

Step one: Create a new Bible experience that transports our kids into Scripture.

Flash Bible is aiming to do just that.

Too lofty? Maybe.
Impossible? Absolutely not.

With your support and feedback I’m confident that together we can really do this.

Every blessing,
Mateo Boyd

A new digital Bible made for kids.

Let’s make Biblical literacy fun and achievable for our kids.

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