Hey, have your kids experienced the Bible lately?

Not just reading to recite, or skimming through with glazed eyes.

Have they jumped into the stories?

Have they wandered through the Garden of Eden and become immersed in the creation narrative?

Have they sailed away with Noah on a ship spanning over 450 feet?

Have they sat with Esther in her ancient Persian palace?

Have they journeyed the long road home with the prodigal son, only to be overwhelmed by hugs from a forgiving father?

This book is an epic, not an essay.

It offers sustenance like a fresh baguette from a French bakery. And here we are, as parents, limited to apps for our kids that are more like a stale cracker in the back of the pantry.  

Well, that's about to change.

We're reviving the wonder of the Word for our kids, and they deserve it.

You've seen how they eagerly wait for that new movie or book. You've heard their desire to belong and understand their place in the grand story God is writing.

What if these two childlike yearnings weren't mutually exclusive?

What if there was a new Bible experience that didn't pacify our kids but instead transported them into Scripture?

Too lofty? Maybe.
Impossible? Absolutely not.

We've been working on this dream for years.

And in May 2023, Flash Bible 2.0, an interactive kids audio Bible app, will be ready for your kids.

You can join the waitlist below. And we’d love to hear which stories, features, and resources you most want for your kids to access on this journey of faith.

I look forward to embarking on this adventure with you.

Until then,
Founder, Flash Bible