The Birth of Flash Bible

The Birth of Flash Bible

The challenges of parenting in the digital age.

In today's fast-paced digital age, parents find themselves navigating a labyrinth. Every click on platforms like Netflix or Disney can lead to a multitude of shows designed for kids. Yet, as I discovered in 2018, among these animations and innocent-looking characters lay values that often left me perplexed. While the allure of returning to the simplicity of the past tugged at my heart, I recognized the undeniable fact: technology is here to stay. And it isn't just about entertainment; it's about preparing our kids for the future.

The Genesis of Flash Bible

It's a sentiment many parents echo: the wish to revisit the "good old days," where scraped knees and outdoor adventures were the norm. But as much as I wanted to push my kids outdoors, I realized that I'd be doing them a disservice by dismissing technology altogether. After all, the devices and platforms they're familiar with today might be instrumental in their future careers. But how do you reconcile the need for technology with the desire for meaningful content? That's where my journey began.

From an Idea to a Surrendered Vision.

The initial vision was simple yet ambitious: interactive books for kids. A concept that could bridge the gap between technology and value-driven content. But the scale of it was overwhelming. Days turned into months and months into years, with the idea simmering in the background. It felt like a distant dream—until I decided to let go and entrust it to a higher power.

For half a year, I practiced the art of surrender. I vividly remember extending my hands, mentally offering up my aspirations, hoping for clarity. And then, as if the universe had finally aligned, the strategy to bring my dream to life dawned upon me.

Building Flash Bible: A Journey Led by Faith and a Little Critic.

With renewed energy and skills honed over the waiting period, I embarked on this mission. But the most critical feedback, the real test, came from a source closer to home—my daughter. As the very first user of Flash Bible, she didn't hold back. Her insights, critiques, and genuine reactions were the building blocks. Today, she not only represents the essence of Flash Bible but also inspires its future trajectory.

Goals and Mission: The Heart of Flash Bible.

For parents, Flash Bible promises threefold:

  1. A tool to disciple and guide their young ones.
  2. An avenue for constructive screen time that reinforces values.
  3. Content that respects their concerns, offering characters that resonate with the teachings we hold dear.

For the kids, our aspirations are:

  1. To nurture a deep, personal bond with God.
  2. Ignite a love for biblical teachings, fostering literacy and appreciation.
  3. Encourage a healthy digital routine, where screen time is both fun and fruitful.

The Future Awaits.

The dreams I harbor for Flash Bible are immense. We've set forth on this journey, and every day brings new revelations, challenges, and joys. We're just scratching the surface, and the horizon holds promises of greater adventures. To every parent and child reading this: You're not just users; you're fellow travelers. Let's shape the future of Flash Bible together.